Monday, August 10, 2009


We've arrived in Houston and I'm so excited to get to Managua I can't really express my feelings in words. It's going to be so awesome to be able to see the kids bright, tan smiling faces when they see all of us. It's weird to think that just 4 months ago we were there building a house for a very sweet family in need. We have just learned that we will be getting there just in time to move that family in to their new house. I'm so happy for that because we started something and now we get to finish it. As we are on the plane about to depart I met a young woman with two little girls. They live in Nicaragua and work with ywam which stands for youth with a mission. It makes me think again how much I want to make a difference in the world and hopefully work for ywam all over or some other similar program. Being fluent in Spanish really makes a difference in the work I'm ableto do in nica. The love I feel for that country and it's people is unimaginable to those who haven't experienced something like it. As of noe we've had so much fun. Our whole group is extremely lively and very much excited. Kelsey and I have had lots of fun running through airports backwards on the little flat escalator things. We thought no one saw but the flight attendants commented on it several times. Keep checking the blog, I might post more tonight and if not for sure tomorrow. Adios burn suerte para todos. Con mucho amor, hasta maƱana!


  1. CeCe I know you will have a wonderful time! I sure hope you can figure out how to post pictures for us.

    I know the families there will be so happy to see you all again. Love you so much and we are so proud of your desire to make a difference and to choose to work this hard in the summer instead of going to camp.

  2. cece-
    i am so excited for you and especially for all the people whose lives you will touch! i will be praying for you, that in pouring out to others you are filled with the joy of Christ!
    much love-
    aunt kay