Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 3: otra ves a Oscar's

Today was yet again not exactly what i expected. I was supposed to go back to Los Brasilles today but last minute got switched to Oscars yet again for language skills. Today was the oscars kids sponsor to child lunch. What happens is each sponsor gets to go spend time and go out to eat with their kid. It's really important eapecialy because a lot of our group jut picked a kid last night so this wasvthere first time to see them and I was needed to translate. I will admit that i was really sad because I had told all the kids especially milady that I would be back today. And the fact that I had only had one day at hogar so far and our trip is half over. I really had to hold back tears on this disappointment. So of course all day I translated and I actually had a really good time. I got to work a lot with the special needs kids and that's always a blessing in itself. Also David jospehs new little boy that he has started sponsoring had a very very very bad infection in his toe. I have never seen anything like it and the fact that he has had it for 9 days amazes me. It looked so painful! I talked to Oscar jr. and we talked about taking him to the doctor in the morning. But in the meantime I went ahead and cleaned, drained, and dressed his infection while I showed the secretary at the school. She called the hospital and made arrangements to bring him in tomorrow. It shocks me how a simple cut or scratch can turn into something like that which can be fatal with no care. For us back in the states a little neosporin and a bandaid prevent that with pretty much no worries.

Since I wasn't at hogar today I haven't gotten word on the sponsorship with milady yet but I plan on asking Ginny as soon as I get bak to la quinta. On another note Ryan (intern) Whitney (intern) and Colton all got sick last night. When I say sick I mean the kind you don't want to get while travelling to a foreign country. We went to lunch at a chicken place called tiptop that was very interesting but good. Tonight we are going to Eskimo for the best icecream you'll evverrrrrr taste! Well i'm done for today! Buenas noches hasta maƱana!!!

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  1. I want pictures!!! Be sure to wash your hands and take your medicine. Remember if you get sick you have that antibiotic that we sent wiht you.

    Love you tons and tons.