Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 2: Los Brasilles

Well let me start out by saying today was amazing! We woke up and had breakfast which this time consisted of again gallo pinto, with pancakes, juice and fruit. After that we had our Devo on expectations and still studied the fifth chapter of 2 kings. I was frothing at the mouth to get on that bus and go to Hogar in Los Brasilles. Once we got there I had a reunion! Milady was so happy to see me as was Michelle and micah and all the other amazing children I missed. We spent the day mostly at hogar or I did because of my language skills. While at hogar i got a chance to talk with Jennifer one of the older girls who is 17. We talked about her past and wow was it eye opening. Her mom didn't want her because of a reason she doesn't know. Her mom apparently doesn't like her at all. She told me she hit her and showed me the scars on her hands from burns. As I sat there holding her hands and watching tears fall from her eyes I realized how awesome god is to give this amazing girl a second chance. We talked an I told her how special she was to be at hogar and how much of a difference she made to me and Kayla talkingto us. It was so moving.

Another important part of today was that I went with Ginny and we talked with miladys mom about me sponsoring her. It's a process because she doesn't go to Joshua 1:8 the school we work with. Instead she goes to a public school because they don't have the money. We looked at her grades and they are awesome all A's!! Now it's just a matter of seeing if there is room for her in first grade. Martha my sponsor right now is going to be sponsored by Emily as they have a closer relationship much like mine with milady. In praying that this will work out and I know that whatever happens is gods will and it will be great either way. I had to do a short blog today because of how exhauseted I am! Pray for the nicaraguans! And also that my sponsorship with milady will work out. Te amo!

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  1. Love you CeCe. I am hoping that this switch with sponsorships will work out. How great that Emily and Marta are close and you do not have to feel bad about wanting to change. I know that you love Milady alot. You have talked about her for all these months.

    We miss you and can't wait to hear all about it. Take lots of pictures to tell your story. I love it when you take pictures in succession that tell the story as it moves along.